Accounting and Financial Control

Who would have thought accounting and financial control could be exciting?

The Panthera Group has an in-house accounting team of more than 20 professionals that include CPAs, auditors, tax specialists, financial controllers and administrators.

While businesses can look successful on the outside and appear to be thriving, the only real way to gauge the success of an enterprise is by looking at its bottom line. The Panthera team does that and more.

We manage the entire financial systems of more than 30 companies within the Panthera Group.

Amongst the services we provide:

  •  Daily sales reporting
  •  Cash management
  •  Credit card management
  •  Daily banking
  •  Spot auditing
  •  Night auditing
  •  Tax management
  •  Monthly P&L reports
  •  Budgeting
  •  Annual audits
  •  Annual tax reporting
  •  Government reporting

Need an audit ?

Managing the expectations of the stakeholders in any business is of utmost importance. Shareholders want a maximum return on their investments. Management wants realistic targets so they can hit their incentive bonuses. Panthera provides annual budgets for all the businesses that are then used throughout the year to measure the individual business performances.

Many of the Panthera businesses are heavily cash based and this brings security concerns. Within accounting and financial control we have a team of covert and overt staff who rotate amongst the outlets, constantly looking for weak security points or the possibility of seepage. All of the Point of Sale systems in the retail outlets are remotely accessible from the Panthera head office and are monitored daily for additional security. CCTV is also in use throughout the Panthera retail outlets and can be monitored remotely on a phone, tablet or computer by senior management and even partners.

Ultimately the success of a business is based on the operating profits the business generates and Panthera provides clear, detailed and accurate information that can be used by everyone from Chefs and Bar Heads to management and the boards of directors.

Providing the results of a successful business is as exciting and motivating as any other facet of the Panthera Group. Coupled with the fact our finance department is incentivised with a bonus scheme based on accuracy and timeliness it is no surprise we have such a strong finance team