Human Resources

In 2010 the Panthera Group created its first human resources department to help facilitate its need for a quality, motivated and dynamic workforce. Panthera Group boasts a workforce of over 1500 employees located in Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Our operations are grouped into various staff categories :

  • Capital & Equity Investment
  • Bar
  • Cleaners/Housekeeping
  • Service
  • Security
  • Kitchen
  • Marketing
  • Dancers & Choreographers
  • Music & Media
  • Engineers
  • P.R.


Each department is treated separately and with equal importance. The Panthera Group motive is that each department consists of proactive employees, each with their own skill sets from diverse backgrounds.

Our motto is to give our teams the tools they need to perform better at their roles.
Each department is incentivised in different ways to ensure that every individual is motivated to perform at the highest level and allow additional financial milestones to be achieved

100% – of the Junior Management & supervisors were promoted from rank and file positions.
80% – of the Management at Panthera Group were promoted from within.
100% – of the Directors were promoted from Management.

Panthera Group makes no apologies for taking care of its own. Our philosophy is to create a culture of opportunities for our employees as opposed to it being “ just a job”.

Do you have what it takes ?

Panthera Group is constantly looking to add new members to its Family.

Human Resources department support Panthera Group

Why work for Panthera Group?
If you are Thai national and looking for a change or a new career opportunity in F&B or Nightlife? Think Panthera Group!

Why ?
Because of our Financial Career Path (FCP) program. Our FCP program was designed for our fantastic Thai workforce to accomplish three important goals.


To offer a 5-year plan to all Thai staff that rewards LOYALTY and Hard Work. Panthera Group offers fixed salary increases throughout that period.
Your first salary increase will be after your three-month probation. Then every year you will receive a pay increase over and above inflation.

Your pay rises are GUARANTEED. After working for the Panthera Group for a reasonable period of time you will be amongst the highest paid for your job role in Thailand.

Panthera employees can financially plan for their personal lives 5 years in advance as you can see your future earnings in print.


Improve your English.
Panthera Group work force has dozens of western employees and you will be able to improve your English communication skills day by day.

Life Assurance


ALL our employees are processed through PAYE. You will receive pay slips monthly. These payslips make you eligible for Government Healthcare. Panthera will help you set up an account at Bangkok Bank, who regard Panthera as a preferential customer.

Arranging Credit cards, Car Finance and Mortgages become an easy task due to the AAA Rating Panthera Group has with Bangkok Bank.


Whether you wish to work security, bar or service
the Panthera Training Programme will improve your skills and get you ready for the exciting challenges ahead. Our training programme is ready to support you in all aspects of the job.


Our administration staff inside our outlets also receive AETNA Healthcare.
Your well-being is our biggest concern.

Are you from Cambodia, Laos or Burma ?


Our Human Resources Department will register you legally with an official green card. Once you have this green card, Panthera Group recognises your value as if you are THAI. You will not be treated any differently. Your will be able to enjoy the same FCP benefits.

Are you a Thai national looking to work in a dynamic office?

Panthera Head office is based on Sukhumvit Soi 39/1 opposite the Emporium shopping centre and next door to EmQuartier.

Our office building, which we own, is based just 2 mins from the Prom Pong BTS station.

As well as an attractive salary all of our office workers receive British Standard Private Healthcare provided by BUPA, so rest assured that you will have the very best protection for your health.

If you are unwell you can go to Bumrungrad or Samitivej. No government hospitals and long waiting lists for the Panthera Group staff. Just produce your Bupa card and everything is taken care of.

Here’s why you should work for Panthera

  • Great Starting Salary
  • Achievable Bonuses
  • Full international healthcare with BUPA
  • Monthly housing allowance for ALL westerners
  • Receive an additional 26 Days holidays per year! As we provide each western employee with 2 free days off per month.
  • Huge discounts in our chain of F&B Restaurants allowing you to eat steak everyday if you wish.
  • VIP treatment and free entrance to all our Nightclubs. Panthera employees do not queue.
  • Education incentives for Senior Executives.
  • Panthera Group will pay for the international education costs for your first-born child.