Panthera Security

Panthera Group provides security services to all its outlets.

This 100 man team can easily be identified with the corporate uniform of a black tailor-made suit with a white shirt, black tie and the Panthera logo.
The safety of personnel and visitors to our venues is of the utmost importance. We work closely with the police force to ensure that our standards and policies are within the confines of the law and ensuring the safety of our patrons.

The Panthera Security Team has been trained in safe locks and holds to restrain aggressive customers who need to be removed from our venues for various violations that are either hostile to the venue and its customers or in the interest of public safety.

Unless our security, staff or customers are subject to violent attacks by weapons, the Panthera Security Team will not strike an individual, only in the case of self-defense against a life-threatening situation.

Our professional security team wears the Panthera logo with pride and is always on hand to ensure customer safety.
The Panthera Security team is rewarded monthly with a bonus program, which we call a Non-Aggression Bonus.

This generous bonus is only awarded to the outlet team if each and all security officers conduct themselves in a manner that is safe for all customers, aggressive or otherwise.

Our Nightclub management teams are comprised of two managers, a Thai and a Westerner.

This allows us to be able to communicate with any customers in either fluent Thai or English.

Below you can see the bios of our Panthera Security management


Our Venues Policies

Dress Code

Each venue has a slightly different dress code. The dress code of each establishment is clearly stated on the front door of each venue.
We very rarely make exceptions so please make sure you respect the club policy and understand the security are just doing their jobs.

Age Policy

This is our most strict policy and we DO NOT allow any visitors into our venue unless they are 20 or above. This is a requirement under Thai Law and is non-negotiable under any circumstances.
Such is our seriousness about the age policy most of our outlets have iPad with scanners that allow us to check the validity of the identification.
These scanners can allow the Panthera Security Team to check the validity of the ID Chip attached to these Identification Cards.
Visitors who look under the age of 25 will automatically be asked to show their ID cards for inspection, as we are aware that some visitors can look older.
Any Non Thai who looks underage will need to present an original copy of their passports as photocopies will not count as identification and neither will driving licenses.
Panthera are very proud of our age policy and have been commended by Police, Military, Politicians and of course parents.

Prevention is better than cure.

Every customer altercation is subject to a management report that is accompanied by the CCTV footage allowing the Panthera Directors to full understand serious events that take place and take steps to improve systems, Re train Staff or reprimand or Congratulate staff if applicable

CCTV: The Panthera Group has dozens of camera around our venues for the protection and safety of employee and customers.
These cameras are checked constantly to ensure our team are on top of all incidents in the venue and are able to identify potential conflicts and misunderstanding before they take place.


If any patron is found to be concealing a weapon the weapon will be confiscated and the police will be called immediately.
The club will press charges against the individual at the local police station.